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Stanford - Class of 2018

I began working with Anne August of my senior year. Anne spoke to me for over an hour, discussing the ins, outs, and specifics of my “dream school,” Stanford.  I knew instantly that she would be the perfect guide for me during the college application process.

Although others, especially my parents, read over my college essays, they were always biased by what they knew of me. Anne, however, gave me some much-needed perspective. 

I had done much of the work before meeting Anne, but she helped me package myself in such a way that I stood out from thousands of other candidates. She helped me so much that come April, I was faced with the choice between my three top schools: MIT, Pomona College, and Stanford..  I can never thank her enough for all the support she has shown me throughout the entire process.

Beth, parent of Emma

Cal Poly SLO - Class of 2018

Anne’s no-nonsense approach was perfect for working with my daughter. 

She helped us identify the perfect college for our daughter – one we had never considered, which was ranked #1 in her field, and was far less expensive.  Win, win, win! 

She also helped her brainstorm on essay topics and to identify great experiences that were ordinary to her, but very interesting to someone outside our family.



Duke - Class of 2017

Anne’s guidance was invaluable to me throughout the college selection and application process. During high school I looked to Anne as a source of knowledge on everything from course selection, when to take the SAT, and how to find the college that was right for me. Anne helped me to become the best college applicant that I could be, and I am greatly appreciative of the honest and direct feedback that she provided me throughout the process. I can honestly say Anne made the college process into an extremely rewarding, exciting time.

Lorry, parent of Gage

Cal Poly SLO - Class of 2018

Thanks to her vast knowledge regarding so many colleges and universities, Anne helped our son identify the best college matches based on his interests and academic achievements. We learned of opportunities we hadn’t even thought of and my son’s list of options grew dramatically.

In addition, Anne provided valuable insight into what college admissions boards are truly looking for in a prospective student. She helped our son get to the root of who he really is and express that – genuinely – in his application essays. After all the acceptance letters arrived, we had several great choices. Our son is now living his dream at a school which is such a great fit, academically and socially.

Thanks, Anne, for your exceptional guidance!

The Beck Family

Linfield College and University of Colorado Boulder

Anne was wonderful helping my daughter Jordan apply to College. Jordan didn’t know what would be available for her since she had a hard time with High School and didn’t pull herself together until Senior year. I feel that Anne really spent time getting to know Jordan and focused on what would be “a good fit” for her. Anne was also great at coaching Jordan through the applications, never telling her what to do just guiding her and offering suggestions. Jordan was accepted into both of her “top choice” schools. She chose Linfield College and loves it!

Thanks to Anne’s help Parker is attending The University of Colorado Boulder.  Parker is doing amazingly well and is loving his College experience.  We feel that Boulder is a wonderful fit for Parker with the career he is planning to pursue.  Thank you Anne for your help, we would not have both of our children in such great schools without your help.