Navigating the path to college can be confusing.


Any of these might be a perfect match for your student.

I'm Anne Holmdahl, and I am here to help you prepare and plan for college, from academic and extracurricular planning through the application process and everything in between. Experience is the key.

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What We Do

Common Sense College Counseling (CSCC) is devoted to helping students plan and prepare for college admissions. We believe that there are great college options for every student, and we can help you get there--from high school academic and extracurricular program strategies to identifying colleges to hitting the “send” button on the application, to making the final college choice. Everyone needs something a bit different, so we tailor services to your needs. Let us know how we can help!

Anna Holmdahl

About Anne

Anne graduated from Stanford University, then lived in Japan for a year teaching English. Upon her return, she worked in international marketing for 5 years before taking on the role of full-time mom and volunteer. Anne has spent years in her sons' schools, volunteering in classrooms, acting as PTSA president (twice) and getting to know the system. After 12 years as a volunteer with the Stanford admissions office and four years helping friends navigate the admissions process, Anne started CSCC.

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Join Our Community

Common Sense College Counseling has a facebook page to further serve clients and the community. Anne offers information about dates and deadlines, higher education news, and helpful hints galore. It is also a great place to ask a question or join a conversation. All are welcome to join the group.

I cannot express how valuable Anne was in my college decision process. From the very beginning, when I really had no idea where I wanted to go to school, through countless essays, and to my decision, Anne was there to help.

Ben R., George Washington University, Class of 2020