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The most common question we get asked is, “why do I need a private counselor?” The truth is that not everyone needs assistance. Some students and families get everything they need from the internet and their high school guidance counselor. But most don’t.

That’s where CSCC comes in.

We are committed to taking a common sense approach to assisting the student and the family through the college planning process, starting as early as 8th grade. It is never too late – we can even work with students who are at the beginning of their senior year. Our goal is to help you get from freshman year in high school to freshman year in college.

Our Services Include

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High School Academic Planning

Utilizing an approach that considers the student’s academic goals, we help determine a high school academic pathway that ensures that college admissions requirements are met.

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Extracurricular Activity Planning

Looking at the student’s interests and opportunities, we investigate activities including sports, clubs, community service, work, and more. Helping students find a balance outside of the classroom and understanding what colleges like to see can be healthy and beneficial.

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Test Planning and Timing Recommendations

The “what, when, and why” of standardized testing, ways to prepare for the tests, and what they all mean. Thinking about this in advance can save time and money – and alleviate a lot of stress.

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Assistance in Identifying the “Best Fit” Colleges and Universities

Now that you have your grades, test scores, activity lists and interests, where should you consider applying?  We will help you find a set of schools that meet your needs.  We are problem solvers and can find great options for any student, no matter what the circumstance.

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Application Preparation Assistance

What are the colleges really asking?  Who should I ask to be my recommenders?  How do I decide what to write about?  We work with you from the first draft essay to a final application review to help ensure that your application is as wonderful as you are.

You have a goal. I can help get you there.

Get in touch today to learn more about how Common Sense College Counseling can change your life.