Duke - Class of 2017

Anne’s guidance was invaluable to me throughout the college selection and application process. During high school I looked to Anne as a source of knowledge on everything from course selection, when to take the SAT, and how to find the college that was right for me.


Anne helped me to become the best college applicant that I could be, and I am greatly appreciative of the honest and direct feedback that she provided me throughout the process.


I can honestly say Anne made the college process into an extremely rewarding, exciting time.

Beth and Emma

Beth, parent of Emma

Cal Poly SLO - Class of 2020

Anne’s no-nonsense approach was perfect for working with my daughter.


She helped us identify the perfect college for our daughter – one we had never considered, which was ranked #1 in her field, and was far less expensive. Win, win, win!


She also helped her brainstorm on essay topics and to identify great experiences that were ordinary to her, but very interesting to someone outside our family.



Stanford - Class of 2018

I began working with Anne August of my senior year. Anne spoke to me for over an hour, discussing the ins, outs, and specifics of my “dream school,” Stanford.  I knew instantly that she would be the perfect guide for me during the college application process.


Although others, especially my parents, read over my college essays, they were always biased by what they knew of me. Anne, however, gave me some much-needed perspective. 


I had done much of the work before meeting Anne, but she helped me package myself in such a way that I stood out from thousands of other candidates. She helped me so much that come April, I was faced with the choice between my three top schools: MIT, Pomona College, and Stanford.


I can never thank her enough for all the support she has shown me throughout the entire process.


Ben R.

George Washington University, Class of 2020

I cannot express how valuable Anne was in my college decision process. From the very beginning, when I really had no idea where I wanted to go to school, through countless essays, and to my decision, Anne was there to help.


The wide scope of knowledge she has about both the schools and the process made me feel comfortable knowing that I wasn’t going to get lost in the jungle of information out there. Anne helped me understand what I wanted in a school – something that sounds easy, but really takes significant thought – and which schools could offer the best fit.


Through the tedious process of filling out applications and re-working essays over and over again, Anne provided encouraging feedback that invited a differing perspective, compared to teachers or parents.


Anne’s experience with connecting students and the “right” college was certainly one of the reasons that I felt confident making my decision.

Megan R

Megan R.

University of Notre Dame Class of 2022

We were so lucky to find Anne during Megan’s freshman year of high school. At the time it seemed too early for college prep, but she helped Megan map out which classes to take throughout high school, which would be critical down the road in order to even qualify to apply for a wide range of schools. This was so helpful. We had no way of knowing that colleges viewed certain courses one way or the other -it’s a completely different puzzle than fulfilling graduation requirements alone.

She provided the same invaluable help when it came time to prep for the SAT, and helped Megan lay out a timeline to reduce the stress. When the essays crunch time came, we were amazed at Anne’s ability to always be there for Megan whenever she needed it. Anne’s responsiveness made Megan feel as though she was her only student.

Above all, Anne was able to help with the really critical steps, but never forgot that Megan was a growing and changing person; the course schedule shifted slightly if her interests did. She adapted in the same way as her college interests evolved. She got to know Megan as a person and recommended a summer business camp that we wouldn’t have otherwise heard of, an experience that turned out to be life-altering and so fun. Anne just knows, and she truly cares for her students as if they’re her own kids.

Erik K.

Erik K.

Colorado State University - Class of 2021

I really liked working with Anne on my college application process. She is super knowledgeable about what kids have to do to apply to college these days and puts you at ease with her friendliness.


It doesn’t matter whether you are an honors student looking to go to Stanford or a regular kid who wants to find the right college fit like me.


I met with her during my junior year to get started. I didn’t know even where to begin. She helped all along the way to stay on track and understand what to do. She assisted me finding schools that fit my interests, organizing the tasks involved in applying, when to take the SAT and ACT tests and how to prepare for them, how to ask teachers for recommendations, etc.


One of the best things was she helped edit application essays. This was awesome. I would recommend her to all my friends who are unsure or would like some help with applications.

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